I’m obsessed with storytelling. Once upon a time (somewhere between the ages of 4 and 8) I was an avid reader. Trips to local bookstores were better than anything my little mind could imagine. Books, magazines, music…so many different worlds to explore and stories to discover.  Sometime around there is when I discovered a fondness of anime and martial art movies.

Thus began the slow deterioration of my attention span.

Thankfully I grew to enjoy not only a diverse array of film and animation but other forms of expression and communication as well. Between my older cousin drawing cartoons on my computer paint program, the issue of Playboy my father caught me with at an unspeakably early age and all the comic books I bought/read/traced/tried to draw, I developed a new love in the form of art and photography. That love into an academic pursuit and eventually a career choice (a decision I’m still questioning).  A few art classes later, I got a job in advertising and used the first paycheck to buy a “real” camera. It took less than a day to realize that I had no idea what I was doing and every day since then to try and figure it out.  After all these years, thousands of snapshots, way too many hours in Photoshop and a detour toward an acting career, my undying obsession with storytelling still drives my need to create.

To this day I’m still that kid in the corner of a bookstore, enthralled with the different stories unfolding in front of me.

– KM2